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The Situation of Poetry Robert Pinsky

The Situation of Poetry

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Robert Pinsky

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"In this book Robert Pinsky writes about contemporary poetry as it reflects its modernist and Romantic past. He isolates certain persistent ideas about poetry's situation relative to life and focuses on the conflict the poet faces between the nature of words and poetic forms on one side, and the nature of experience on the other."
Princeton University Press

"The mind at work in The Situation of Poetry is lively, fresh, and critical without being obsessed by the rigor of criticism....Pinsky's book produces for our attention a wide range of contemporary poems, some for rebuke, but most for praise. His comments are brief, vivid, distinct without claiming finality, and his taste is excellent."--Denis Donoghue, New York Times Book Review
"No one can read Pinsky's writing without being provoked to thought. He comes at poetry from the side of lived and observed life, and common speech: this approach, like its opposite which comes at poetry through intertexuality, has its place in the dialectic of criticism."--Helen Vendler, The Nation