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The Espresso between Sleep and Wakefulness Roberto Echavarren

The Espresso between Sleep and Wakefulness

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Roberto Echavarren

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"Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. LGBT Studies. Translated from the Spanish by Donald Wellman and the author. "Roberto Echavarren writes riffs in a style that might be called "gonzogongorism." He is fast and funny, cool, catchy and cruel. If you stick with him, you'll become unstuck, but you'll end up knowing more about yourself and what may be happening to you."—John Ashbery

"To speak of Roberto Echavarren is to speak of the Neobaroque, and of a need to scandalize and provoke. It is also to speak of polyphonic verbal pyrotechnics of a kind rarely seen before in Uruguayan poetry."—Alvaro Ojeda

"Whispering a language of oddities, THE ESPRESSO BETWEEN SLEEP AND WAKEFULNESS advances as a mixture of cruelty and humor, where the events express a unique generative law: that of the metamorfosis between the animal and the human, between the organic and the inorganic, between the personal and the impersonal."—Adrián Cangi