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Sibylline Marc Vincenc


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Marc Vincenc

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Spanning the emergence of the Italian Renaissance and out of the darkness of the medieval era, from the Black Death to the Baroque period--eventually reaching Tinsel town, Marc Vincenz's newest book, a long poem, Sibylline, manages a multi-layered, multi-voiced perspective, which is both cosmic/spiritual and political/global. Exquisitely illustrated by Louisiana artist, Dennis Paul Williams, Sibylline, emerges from the manger of the scallop, from the cradle of beauty and transcendental love. She, our muse, our Sibylline, is a contradicting trickster who, with the aide of Vincenz's tantalizing sonics and wordplay, dances across these pages with flourish and verve. In Sibylline, Vincenz has created a transcendental work of intense erotic longing and a sublime affirmation of the power of art itself.