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Of Altair, the Bright Light Ifeanyi Menkiti

Of Altair, the Bright Light

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Ifeanyi Menkiti

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Of Altair, The Bright Light is a far reaching book. Ifeanyi Menkiti was born in Onitsha, Nigeria. His two previous collections of poetry are Affirmations (9171) and the Jubilation of Falling bodies (1978).

He has been published widely in African Journals as well as many American Journals such as Evergreen Review, New Directions and Sewanee Review. Readers will notice the multiplicity in Altair and the speed with which poems shift reference. The poet looks deeply into the psyche of individuals and nations but has not lost hope. Instead he urges us to look for a reference point beyond our local prejudices and thereby discover a sense of our shared humanity."
-Earthwinds Editions

This book is illustrated by Karyl Klopp.