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Loading Jonathan Allen collages and paintings
Anslem Berrigan Poems


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Jonathan Allen collages and paintings Anslem Berrigan Poems

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“With each new invention, from the printing press to Google Glass, our expectations for communication swell. Allen incorporates traces of information exchange into his works with written words and coding found in print materials and the interweaving of spoken poetry into his animation. His architecturally inspired images, themselves built in layers, also call to mind the human compulsion to control our surroundings. We amass so much data that we build physical structures to house information—seen in the library of Loading and the server stacks of Pre-listserv. Inherently intangible numbers and letters now shape physical space; works such as Watching and You & your Signals & codes reveal that, in addition to our homes and offices, we now exist in equally real spaces assembled from pixels and code.”
Art Daily

“Berrigan wrote a new suite of poems for the project, which progressed in various ways (idea exchange and conversation over email, and multiple studio visits) and now exists in multiple formats as well, with an entirely new body of work from Allen–paintings and works on paper–created over the last year and a half. We want it!

Poetry Foundation