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Intimations of Ghalib M. Shahid, Alam

Intimations of Ghalib

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M. Shahid, Alam

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"These vibrant new versions of Ghalib’s ghazals bring his wit and irreverence, as well as his devotion, to a 21st-century English-language audience afresh. In presenting multiple versions of many of these poems, Alam highlights the tonal complexity of Ghalib’s work and both the limitations and possibilities of translation.
_Orison Books

“With his fidelity to the original form of the ghazal […], his alertness to contemporary linguistic norms and habits, and his own finely honed aesthetic sensibility and grasp of cultural nuance, Alam captures Ghalib’s wit and lyricism with impressive confidence, integrity and resourcefulness.”

Ahrar AhmadThe Daily Star (Bangladesh)