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Interrupted Praise New and Selected Poems by Edwin Honig Edwin Honig

Interrupted Praise New and Selected Poems by Edwin Honig

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Edwin Honig

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For Interrupted Praise, Ewin Honig has assembled work written over a forty year period.  "Honig's poetry is respected for the same attention to detail and style evident in his criticism and translation work. Library Journal critic Dabney Stuart explained that Honig is "a master of tone: The sound of the voice is casual, rambling, but the poems are carefully structured. Each has a control enabling Honig to weave disparate stuff into his cloth." In his review of Survivals, W. T. Scott remarked in Saturday Review that Honig's "lean, muscular style, his way of lifting a small thing into significance—these are no mean gifts. 'Fall of a House' perhaps exhibits him at his haunting best... 'The Island' is a remarkable instance of the way he can sustain a poem with subtle, constant music. And at the close of the book his poems of love and death are moving with an eloquence beyond rhetoric." According to Daniel Hughes in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, "Honig has been a poet whose sorrow is always coming home..."
From the Poetry Foundation,