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Cerulean Embankments Geoffrey Young

Cerulean Embankments

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Geoffrey Young

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The Phrasable tizzied up by some new booster rockets,  "a present tense adventure in mood solo terrain" in a town without "self-pity."  love's brain melts microfiche: "a collaged eye," "bel canto overbite," "boho," havoc" "maniac glow".  "Set writing dial on emotional life"-"the finiite spell of I ADRENALINE"  "sendingmy image chamois out. . . . "in the taste massage" 

It takes a rirst person to create a third, as memory begets memory.  But before momory's kind of accomplishment, "there are facts". Geoffry Young was a passionate reader of fiction and poetry as well as Camel smoker dex-doser & booze fetishist, his father ran a used book store.
-from the back cover