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Blue Flame Emily Pettit

Blue Flame

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Emily Pettit

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"Emily Pettit is not afraid to confront the greatest of our universal experiences. Her Blue Flame is about time, space, loss, love, memory, fear, and staying alive. In this exquisite collection, she explores what happens to us in this world in the ways that only poetry can capture.
Blue Flame is a book about consciousness, about what it means to re-see the world all around us in a world full of ultimate vision. Because when the book tells us, “You are exactly where you are / supposed to be,” we can believe it. Because these are poems that know everything and want to tell us so. Read this book and you will enter a heartbreaking world where beauty never ends, maybe thankfully. . . . In this book, she takes all of the very stuff of being alive and makes it a sound that seems like music but is better than music. Read this book and you will come alive again.”—Dorothea Lasky, author of Thunderbird