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Before a Common Soil Ifeanyi Menkiti

Before a Common Soil

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Ifeanyi Menkiti

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"This book is dedicated to the late John Meredith Langstaff, founder of Revels.  
Ifeanyi Menkiti was born in Onitsha, Nigeria.  Readers familiar with Menkiti/'s writing are fast discovering a poet of enormous range. Although the poems deal with serious social, political, and historical matters, the poet's sense of humor is often on display bubbling beneath the surface, ready to break out.  The breadth of his concerns, moods, and engagememts is perhaps understandable, given his multi-faceted background.  Planted securely in his roots Menkiti is able to take on the larger world, and does so with a sense of elder concern, and a generosity of spirit , unusual in contemporary poetry.