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A cloud of Witness Jason Stumpf

A cloud of Witness

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$ 13.00

Jason Stumpf

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"A Cloud of Witnesses is a verse-novel that is not in verse and isn't a novel. In this collection, the reader fumbles through the murk of life in search of sense and of the other. The reader will misplace objects and learn trivia about venomous snakes, as well as come upon love and write their family histories in Morse code. Each poem is a chapter born of misremembered plots and of an affinity for the many texts it echoes".This book takes place in aftermath. Imagination and memory intertwine. A vow of love is a confrontation of death where "To love someone you must dream about them dying." A Cloud of Witnesses is for those who live and travel in books — for those who dwell in Victorian landscapes, those who have written letters by hand, watchers of old films, those who get lost but continue, those who get lost on purpose. It's enough to warm a cold, postmodern heart."
Quale Press